Monday, July 18, 2016

Make It Monday - Getting ready to Celebrate!

Our HouseMart Ace Hardware and Ben Franklin Craft stores will be celebrating our company's 65th Anniversary this Saturday, July 23. So, I thought I'd make some "65" decorations by using the WeR Alphabet Punch Board!

This board can also make numbers besides all the alphabets and a few symbols.

 Most numbers/alphabets just take a 3" x 5" piece of cardstock. Here, I have two 3" x 5" red glitter cardstocks.

The most important thing is that the board comes with a book with step-by-step photos to make all of the alphabets and numbers. Keep it safely with your board so you don't lose it!

First, I 'll make the "5".

The first step is to insert the cardstock into this punch, lining up to the line on the board. Punch.

Next, flip the cardstock over and punch.
Now, place the punched piece in the trimmer section. Remove the cutting blade tool from the board and place the rounded part in the different slots to trim.

Place the blade in the different slots and trim as indicated in the book.

This is how it will look after the first two cuts.

Turn the piece upside down to make the last cut.

Next, turn the piece on its side and trim. Isn't it starting to look like a "5"?

Now, move the piece to the corner rounder punch. Follow the book's instructions and round the right hand middle corner.

Then, round the right hand bottom corner.

Follow the book's instructions to make a "6" with the other cardstock. Now, we're ready to add this to our 65th anniversary decorations!

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you join us this Saturday at all of our stores between 10 am - 12noon for some fun games, make and takes and other activities as we celebrate our 65th Anniversary. Happy Crafting!



July's second show!

Summer is going by so fast, we already have our second show for July! So much fun with new and old friends!

First, we have Lianne Hirano aka DaCraftyLilNinja back with one of her signature clay designs, Sakura!

This time around she incorporates resin and other embellishments from L Bell to create her beautiful pendent! And Lianne also tells us about her upcoming Meet & Greet at Mapunapuna Ben Franklin Crafts on Sunday, August 7th.

Elisa, Garrie and Daylin
Then, we have the Oahu Planner Girls! I show them how to make their own tabbed dashboards using the We R Envelope Punch Board. And, they tell us about the upcoming Planner Con on Saturday, August 13 at Kakaako Agora from 10 - 4. It's a first gathering of its kind for Honolulu!

Our last guests are a Mom and Son team! Mom Beverly Matsuo shows us some basic steps to making cards. Then, son Jeff Kino, tell us about a great opportunity for crafters. Jeff tells us all about 808 Crafters' Guild and how the group formed to help crafters succeed in their business ventures. Perfect for those of you thinking about the upcoming craft fair fall season.
Thank you for stopping by today! Have a great week! Happy Crafting!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Make It Monday! - Fruity Book Clips

This is the last week for the Hawaii State Public Library's Summer Reading Program. This was our third year participating in the program by going to the libraries and demonstrating hands-on Hardware Science as well as some crafts.

Because this year's them was Health and Fitness, we decided to make Fruity Book Clips! They are super easy to make and are also great for you planner girls!

We had apples or watermelons to make using circle punches. For an apple, punch a 2" red circle and a 1.5" cream colored circle.

Fold both in half. Then, open up the cream colored circle and use a glue stick to add glue.

Place the cream colored half over the red half circle and glue together. Next, take a marker and draw seeds or a face on both sides.

Lastly, take a pop up glue dot and stick it on the end of a jumbo paperclip.

Place the clip inside of the apple and press together. Now, you have a clip to use as a bookmark.

To make the watermelon, punch a 2.5" circle from green and a 2" circle from pink. Follow the same steps as the apple to assemble.

We really enjoy going to the libraries and meeting all of the families. Here is what Hardware Science looks like...

Upside Down Fountain!

Inertia Cup Challenge!
Lining up to do Straw Rockets
Aim for the Fruit!
Thanks for stopping by today and I encourage you to check out the public libraries, there's lots to see and do there!

Monday, July 4, 2016

Make it Monday - Back from Hiatus

I'm back from taking a break from Make It Monday projects. The recent world tragedies had put a damper on my crafting spirit but now it's time to help the healing begin and let the goodness of crafting takeover!

So, it's July and why is it that all I can think of is Christmas?

So, here's my quick fix for that, a simple ornament that you can do with the kids while they are still home for summer. Get ready and bust out your scrap papers and some circle punches!

Use either circle punches or circle dies to punch out 8 circles, your size choice. For my sample, I used 2.5" circles.

Fold each circle in half with the right side print on the inside.

To assemble, you can use either double-sided tape, glue stick or tacky glue, depending on the thickness of your papers. Don't use the tacky glue if your paper is thin. Place two circle halves together and glue together. Place two more sets together until you have glued four of your circles to each other.

Add some metallic thread, ribbon or other  pretty cord for the hanger. Take a 12" length and fold in half. Knot together about 2" from the center fold for the top of the hanger.

Place the piece along the center of the glued together circles, leaving the knot at the top end. Glue cording in place, letting the cording ends come out on the other side. Continue gluing the rest of the circles in place.

Let glue dry and your ornament is ready to hang. Make them in summery bright colors to use now to decorate for a summer end's party. Toss a bunch inside of clear vase for a centerpiece. Make them in other fun color combinations to use for later in the year to decorate your Christmas tree.

For another version, cut out 16 circles. Take each circle and fold in half. Then, tape together the inside of just half of the circle.

Tape the pieces together, alternating the open ends. Tape all 16 pieces together.

Here's the finished ornament! You can add a hanger in between or at the end.

Thank You for stopping by today and here's hoping for a Happy July!

July's First Show!

A lot of you are spending your 4th of July weekend outdoors , so here's a heads up on what's happening on the first show for July.

 We start the show off with a great new product, the We R Alpha Punch Board! 

Sara from Market City shows how to easily punch out a letter and use it for a card.

Aunty Kehau has the assistance of model Dean Anthony Ramos
Then, we welcome Aunty Kehau to the show to share with us what will be happening at this year's Relay for Life at Magic Island. The event is on Saturday, July 16 from 6pm to 12:01 am. This year's theme is Super Heroes and Aunty Kehau shows us how to make a simple and fun cape!
Lastly, I share one of my recent Make it Monday projects, the Gift Bag Card Attacher. It's a great way to show off your awesome handcrafted cards and a fun use of your scraps, too! We even have a project sheet.
Thanks for stopping by today and hope you are enjoying your holiday weekend! Happy Crafting!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

June's first Show!

Summer is here! And this new show offers some great ideas of how to get creative with your summer plans!

First, we welcome Mapunapuna's new Craft Coordinator, Chelsea, to the show. She gives us a sneak peek of this year's Summer Keiki Craft Program! The program is from Monday, June 13 to Friday, June 17  with two projects a day. Sign up by the day or for the whole week!

Chelsea demonstrates one of the projects offered, the watercolor resist.

Next, we have our favorite local chef, Derek Kurisu from KTA Superstores. KTA is celebrating their 100th Anniversary this year, so awesome for such a great local company! Congratulations to the KTA OHANA!

Of, course, Derek never disappoints us! This time, we talk about graduation parties and all the supplies Ben Franklin carries. And when you have a party, you'll need some tasty food, like his Poke Sushi! It was so onolicious!

And then we bring Chelsea back because there's a lot going on in June. Mapunapuna will be having their craft party on Saturday, June 25 from 12 noon - 3 pm. Chelsea shares one of the projects from their Alice in Wonderland themed event!

Thank you for stopping by today and I hope you're including Ben Franklin Crafts in your Summer Plans! Happy Crafting!