Friday, July 22, 2011

How many points for KAWAII?

I'm talking Scrabble points! Well, I may not spell too well, but I can rhyme just fine. What I really want to say, is to our Bead Shoppes make your way! So, you can see, the really cute Hello Kitty!
On Scrabble tiles, made into cute little charms. There's also some other designs as well. So, check out the Bead Shoppes at Mapunapuna, Hilo and Kahului Ben Franklin Crafts!

Thanks for stopping by today and hope to see you tomorrow at our Cards of Aloha from 10 am - 1 pm! Have a great weekend!
(P.S. - if Kawaii was allowed it would be 13 points!)


  1. So cute! Can I buy these already made?

  2. ooooohhhh! i better check it out tomorrow! i have one that is similar that i got a couple years ago through a RAK, and i LOVE it! if FANTABULOUS was a word how many points would i get?!?! hehe!

  3. Yes, these are already made for you!

  4. They are precious! Thank you for sharing :)

  5. So kawaii ne! I love it and what a great idea! Wish I was there to participate in the card drive! I'll try to send some cards...actually need to make them...hahaha! But I will try to send you some! Have a great Sunday!

  6. These are just adorable! TFS. Went to see if Hilo BFC store had it in stock but they did not have it.


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