Sunday, October 21, 2012

13 Days of Halloween - Day Three

It's Day Three of the 13 Days of Halloween and I'm back with another simple and fast project that's fun for kids of all ages!

Twinkie Mummy!

Okay, maybe Twinkies don't have to be mummified because I heard that they last forever, but it's the perfect shape for this Halloween treat.

You'll need a Twinkie.

You'll need some icing, Wilton cake decorating tip #47 and black candy pearls. I used the ready made tube of icing so I just needed the coupler to attach to the tube. If you use some homemade icing , you'll need an icing bag, too.

Because the Twinkie is yellow, you may want to frost the Twinkie with a light layer of icing first. That way, the yellow won't show through if you miss some spots.

With tip #47, you will begin to make strips of icing across the Twinkie, like a mummy wrap. Make sure that the tip has the jagged edge facing down, otherwise you will get additional texture on your strips, like for a basket weave. Have the strips go across randomly as if they were the cloth wraps on the mummy, it'll look more interesting.

Before you finish "wrapping" the mummy, place two black candy pearl beads on the upper third of the Twinkie for the eyes. Make sure to add some strips near the eyes so that the eyes look like they are peeking out from under the wraps.

And that's a wrap!
Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you enjoyed your weekend! Visit tomorrow for our fourth Halloween theme project, until then Happy Crafting!

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  1. Oh how cute and sweeeeeeet! A little bit bouncing off the walls sugary delight =P perfect for a special treat.


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