Sunday, May 15, 2011

May's second Joy of Crafting show

On this second show for May, we have a variety of crafts to learn. We start with Master Origami Artist, Richard Alexander from Origamido, which is based out of Haverhill, Mass.

Origamido recently had a 6 month exhibit in Waikiki featuring a variety of origami art from different artists. I was fortunate that I got to see the exhibit before it closed and hopefully they will return to Hawaii again as this was their second time here.

On the show, Richard demonstrates a technique he calls Storygami where he folds the paper and relates it to a story, which makes it easy to follow and is very entertaining. If you watch carefully, you'll be able to make this project, too. Because it is copyrighted, we do not have a project sheet, but he did share with us a website that features free tutorials on 12 different origami projects, . Click here for free tutorials.

Here is a sample he brought from the exhibit made by Michael LaFosse. It is an alligator folded from one sheet of handmade paper that was 6 ft x 6 ft. Richard made the paper himself as he is a papermaking artist, too. Everything is folded and there are no cuts in the paper...totally amazing!

Next, we have Brandon back with another great technique, Freezer Paper Stencilling. You'll be able to decorate your own shirts, tote bags and all kind of surfaces with this technique.

If you're like me, you'll be thinking of all the designs you can do either using you Cricut, die cuts or just drawing free-hand, plus there's so many color choices when it comes to acrylic paints!Just imagine!

Lastly, I have a simple project that makes a great gift, especially for teachers! It's a Post-it Note Holder. I show you how to make one size, but you can easily change it up to your favorite size.There will be a project sheet on the website and I'll post the link when it's up. The project sheet is now available, here's a link.

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you enjoyed your weekend! Happy Crafting!

Friday, May 13, 2011

NSD Project

Last Saturday was National Scrapbooking Day. Our Ben Franklin Craft stores had a little make and take to celebrate.

This Mini Purse Scrapbook is a simple project, great for using up some scraps and the fun part is adding embellishments.

It's great for any occasion like maybe a bridal shower gift or a birthday.You could even change up the pages to make them into pockets and slip in a gift card or money for a graduate. Here's a project sheet I wrote up.

Thanks for stopping by and Have a Great weekend!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

First May Joy of Crafting Show

The months just seem to fly by, especially when you're happily crafting! On this first Joy of Crafting show for May, we have some fun and exciting projects.

Our first guest is Scott Macri of the Hawaii Origami Club.

Here he introduces us to tessellations, not your average origami!

Then, we have Brandon Tavares from our Enchanted Lake Ben Franklin Crafts. You all know he is the best cupcake maker in Hawaii with his "Brandon Cakes".

Here, he shows us how to make those fantastically popular Cake Pops! Great for Moms and Dads and the upcoming Grad parties!

Lastly, we have a Hana Hou with Raynette Ching from the Pearl City BFC,showing us how to make an updated Pakalana lei, perfect for all the celebrations coming up.

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you get a chance to catch this episode! Have a great week!