Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Love was in the Air

Last Friday night and Saturday, we were at the World Class Wedding expo. We had so much fun meeting the brides and grooms-to-be. And we got a lot of the GUYS to do our simple cake slice box make and take. In fact, we did over 300 make and takes. It was really interesting to see the different colors combinations people reached for.
We also had a lot of light bulbs turn on in people's heads when they realized everything in our booth could be made by them or their friends and families (we suggested favor making parties!)

Just wanted to say Congratulations to all that are planning their weddings and wishing them a happy and loving future together!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

JOC October 2nd show's premiere

At first, I thought I wasn't going to make it, I was having some problems posting but I finally got it to work!Tonight is the premiere of the 2nd Joy of Crafting show for the month of October. Yes, this is the one you've all been waiting for!

First, we have Dusty Behner, a costume designer from the Manoa Valley Theatre. She will show you how to use posterboard to make an Optimus Prime mask, just in time for the video release of Transformers!

Next, we have two very special ladies. Michelle Ueligitone and Jen Young share some of their blog projects and the stories behind them. I really enjoyed meeting them and it was a really fun show to shoot. I hope they can come on again!(hint, hint)

Aren't these projects so cute?

Then we finish with a great project with Lynn Hashino from our Mapunapuna BFC.She is an expert at jewelry making and shows us how to make some easy wire wrap bookmark clips. These would be great to clip onto cards, too.

Thanks for stopping by today and hope you had a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Who's da Real Boss?

This week Friday, Oct. 16th is National Boss' Day. If you're like me, sometimes it seems like you have many
bosses!(but they're all great!) Anyway, here's a favorite project just right for the guys in the office. It's the Aloha Shirt Treat Bag. If you just want to make a card, you'll  find easy instructions to fold an Aloha Shirt Card right here . To make the bag use a 6" x 12" paper instead.

If you come to my make and takes, you know I like candy, so that is why I made this card into a treat bag a few years ago. It's still a popular favor and it's really easy, too. Using the longer paper, follow the instructions and fold the paper into the Aloha Shirt card (the finished shirt will look too long).

Untuck the shirt from the collar and open it up. Here, I marked the center fold line so you can see it better.

From the center fold line, mark off 1" away on both sides of that center line, creating two new lines (when actually making these, just crease well and don't mark with a pen, the lines will show later.)

From those two new lines, you will fold them out to make the bag bottom. Basically, you will lift the paper at center along the fold lines and align it with the side edge of the shirt. You will do this on both sides, forming the four corners of the bottom.

It is exactly like the folds to create the shirt sleeves on the card (what is pictured here), except you will not flatten them in the end and you have to do both sides of the bag. (It's also the same as the treat bag you fold from 8.5" x 11" paper.)

When the bag bottom is made, fill with treats and re-tuck the shirt front under the collar.

Here's a side view, so you can see the place to put the treats!

Finishing touches could be adding a tiny shirt front pocket and tiny buttons.You can also use this shirt bag for the girls by using a pretty paper and adding a pearl necklace. Or, you can use baby prints and add a bib for a baby shower. It's great for garduations, retirements and yakudoshis, too.There's lots of ways to make this shirt bag your own!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Jammin' Teachers

The past few days have been really busy but they've also been really FUN! On Saturday, we were at The Happy Scrapper's Jam and I saw a lot of people there, so talented with their ideas. I think the only bad thing about that day was that the Dessert Buffet tables were DIRECTLY in front of our booth, talk about teasing us!
Besides the french fry box owl, we did two card make & takes. Chris & Christy from Crafts in the City came up with these two really cute designs using punches.

This Halloween card used glitter papers and Martha Stewart fence and bat punches. That's a HK sizzix die and they made their own witch's hat. I thought using the raffia for the broom was a clever idea!

This turkey card is all circle punches and the oval for the body. The little heart cut in half is used for the waddle and the beak. Those cute pumpkins are actually the MS apple punch!

On Monday, we were representing at the Oahu Teachers' Institute Day. I always love going to this because I get to see a lot of my friends.We had some make & takes for them to do. We try to help the teachers relate craft projects to the Standards that have to be taught to the students, a lot of basic math and geometry can be applied.

Here they are using the Bind-it All to make a desk top calendar. Sorry, not a good picture of the project. You can barely see it towards the left.

Anyway, just wanted to share our Crafting in the Community adventures with you all. Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I guess this is a RAK?

On Monday, I was over on Maui. Visited some relatives I haven't seen in a loooong time. Anyway, we're talking story and all of a sudden my uncle turns to me and asks if I want some Job' tears. So, I said, "Uhhh, OK?"

So, I followed him outside to his little backyard cottage (I would love to have it for a craft haven!) and he gives me two whole tubs full of these seeds. I didn't want to take so much but he insisted since he grows the plant. Now, I just have to figure out a design to make them into some kind of jewelry. When I do, I'll post them here.

Well, thanks for stopping by and I hope today you plant some seeds of imagination , too!

We're Jammin', we're Jammin' ...and I hope you like Jammin', too

Yes, we will be at Sally Pestana's Scrapper's Jam. Will we see you there?!It's this Saturday, Oct. 10 at the Koolau Golf Club from 8 am to 3 pm.We'll be doing some FUN make and takes. Last I heard there were a few more seats left but you need to contact Sally right away at

A couple of years ago, I attended a Creating Keepsakes University - Master's. It was a fun filled crazy 2 1/2 days of scrappin'! I got to take classes with some of my favorites like Donna Downey, Ali Edwards and even Lisa Bearnson, founder of Creating Keepsakes Magazine.

Out of the 500+ attendees there, I was the only person from Hawaii (glad Fridge was with me). I tried my best to get them to have a CKU in Hawaii, but it never got that far. And now there are no more CKUs. So, Thank You Sally, for working so hard to put on this event year after year for all of the local scrapping community.Happy Scrappin'!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

JOC October show Premiere

Tonight is the first airing of the first October show. I have Lynn Hashino from Mapunapuna BFC showing you how to make a simple Vampire Girl necklace, perfect for Halloween or your own Twilight premiere party. She uses some pretty paper in an Amate Studios pendant blank and sealed with Diamond Glaze.

Notice the two red Swarovski crystals, that's the vampire bite!

She also shares some of the different Twilight theme crafts the girls in the Mapunapuna store have been making. They have a huge display of ideas. If you're a Twilight fan, you need to come by and check it out!

Then, we have a Hana Hou segment with Penny Teruya showing you how to make her Candy Bat, another great Halloween project. She uses the candy box from the Accu Cut machine. In case you didn't know, when you purchase paper at the BFC stores, you get to use our Accu Cut machine for free!

And my last guest is someone you all know and love, Cheryl. This time, Cheryl is sharing some of the projects she has featured on her blog. I like to think of her as my crazy mentor when it comes to blogging.

So, see ya on the show tonite at 6:30 pm on OC16. Happy Crafting!

Friday, October 2, 2009

I am a blogaholic

Hi, my name is Joy and I am a blogaholic. Yes, I admit to being addicted to all of the FUN blogs out there featuring all of you talented people and your creative projects. You all have really inspired me to craft more and I wanted to share ideas between the JOC shows, too. So, Aloha and welcome to the Joy of Crafting blog!

 This first pic is from when I went to Vermont to visit a sister craft store. Looking at it makes me think of FALL. And that little bear, that's Fridge. You'll see him from time to time because he travels with me to different places (and he's great for craft advice, too)

 So, let's start crafting with a quick project, just in time for Fall-oween. It's a really simple Owl Treat Box. Here's how to make one:

Cut out a Sizzix French Fry Box from orange CS. Cut out just the front of the FF box in a warm brown CS. Assemble the box and attach the brown piece in front for the owl. You can stamp a sentiment on the top inside of the box, I like to use Jean's dandelion designs.

 The rest of the owl is made from Marvy Uchida Lever punches, I'll refer to them by color.
  • 1" circle (green) in white CS & 5/8" circle (peach) in black for the eyes.
  • Heart (peach) in golden yellow CS for the beak.
  • Heart (blue) in cream CS for the chest.
  • Heart (blue) in lt. brown, cut in half for the wings.
Thanks for stopping by and joining me for my first step on this new creative adventure. I'm going to listen to my  friend Tim Holtz, who always says, enjoy the journey!