Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Crafting Wth Love...

With Love is the new Valentine's collection from pebbles, inc. And I LOVE IT!

Most of the papers have my favorite kraft paper look and to me, the designs could be used year round. Have a look...

I love that they are double-sided and the "flip sides" are so cute, too!

I love the little printed borders on the other side of the"bottom tear off" strips.

And the letter stickers are absolutely perfect in the red and kraft colors.

The little button hearts and heart shaped clips are super duper cute and I know I'll use these stamps a lot!

The best thing is that the collection coordinates with the Ready-To-Decorate notebooks!

In less than 5 minutes, I made a quick and easy project to get me ready for the New Year!My official shopping list!

Thanks for stopping by today and  I hope you're having fun getting ready for 2012!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Too Cute to Keep to myself!

I got Happy Mail! One of the most creative beaders I know, Jayne of Handmade Cute sent me some really cute pieces. I feel so SPECIAL!

See the cute way she wrapped it up? I couldn't help myself, so I had to open it right away!

Just in time for Christmas, look at these cute stocking earrings!

And, I was so tickled with the tea pot

and the matching tea cup! I love tea, I don't do coffee (except ice cream and candy!)

And look at this cute kitty!

Jayne really knows what I like. She's a good friend I met through blogs and Twitter, crafty people are such nice people!

Check out her blog and etsy shop to see more of her creations! Maybe, one day I can bead as good as her!

Thanks for stopping by today and letting me share! Wishing all of you a wonderful Christmas weekend!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Double Slider Gift Card Holder!

Hi Everybody! Thanks for being so patient. The project sheet for this gift card holder that Cheryl did on the show will soon be available on our website and in the stores.

But before then, if you want me to e-mail you a copy, please send me a request at
There's a lot of instructions but in reality, it's not too hard to make, it was just a little hard to explain!

Thanks again and Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Crafting at HBA

Kindergarteners in HBA Winter Break Program holding their reindeer ornaments
We had a lot of FUN crafting with the kids in HBA's Winter Break program. There were 38 crafters ranging from Kindergarten to 6th grade, and they were all awesome!

We did two crafts and kept  it simple by using mostly glue dots. The first project was the reindeer ornament that I posted on Friday. Then, we did a fast Christmas card using a Sizzix Christmas Tree die with a matching embossing folder. The kids loved it and then they decorated their trees with snowflake confetti and red sequins.I can't show you a card sample because they all quickly wrote their messages inside and sealed the envelopes up! So cute!

6th Graders in HBA Winter Break Program
I was really happy to see so many boys in the class,especially the 6th graders. Well, I hope they continue to be creative in whatever they do because they all were very talented.

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you're enjoying the Holiday Season!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

December's second Joy of Crafting show

The Joy of Crafting show would like to Thank All of You for supporting us through the years. If it weren't for you, we couldn't be here! Every year, we have more and more fun with new guests and of, course, NEW CRAFTS!
So, here's what you'll see on the second December show! Our first guest is Shari Hanai from our Mapunapuna Ben Franklin Crafts. Shari shows us a bunch of cool new tools from Sizzix found in our three Bead Shoppes (Mapunapuna, Hilo and Kahului)

Sizzix has teamed up with Vintaj and came out with their own stylish Big Kick machine and some metal embossing and engraving folders to use with their metal blanks. Really neat!

Then, Gloria  Arias from Pearl City BFC is back and  she helps us get ready for the New Year by making a journal using the Cinch.

She'll go through the basics of how to use this great binding tool.

Lastly, I'm all about the food! I'll show you how to make a Poke Push Up Pop and for dessert a delectable Trifle Push Up Pop. They're really easy to make and are super Fun for Holiday parties and more!

So, hope you can take some time off from your Holiday busy-ness and watch the show. Here's wishing All of You and Your Families a Wonderful Christmas and a Super Happy New Year!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Time to Share

Happy Aloha Friday! And I do mean Aloha as in "Aloha to the traffic!" Well, now that UH will be done, at least it will a little less traffic, I hope!But anyway, I wanted to share something I received and something I'm going to give...

You all should know Jenny from Sister Stamps. When I was in Hilo for our 60th anniversary event, she made a quick stop to visit me on her way to teaching a class. She gave me a bunch of munchies so I wouldn't get hungry while I did my make 'n takes (thanks, they were so ono!). But, she also gave me a personalized magnet board, Look how cute! I'm so Lucky. And I was so happy to finally meet her in person. We've  e-mailed a lot but it's always so fun to actually meet. So, Thank You again, Jenny! Have you seen all of her calendars? Check out her blog!

Now, here's a project we're going to give. Me and my co-worker, Kelly,  will be going to Hawaii Baptist Academy to make some crafts with about 40 children. Here's what we plan to do since they will range form Kindergarten to 6th grade.

It's a reindeer box, can you tell? We'll be using a lot of glue dots so that we can avoid glue guns. Poked holes to stick the antlers in the top. We'll let the older kids paint their boxes if they want. You might want to make some, too. Their quite easy and you could stick some candy or money inside. And for you male crafters, uhh, jewelry fits inside rather nicely (hint, hint!)

If there's time, we'll also make some Christmas cards.

Thank You for stopping by today and here's wishing you a super awesome weekend!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gingerbread Galore!

Last Friday, I posted my gingerbread girl which I was taking to the Ilima Hotel Christmas party. Everyone invited to the party was given a gingerbread cut-out made from a manila file folder and a few colored sheets of paper. You could decorate your gingerbread person anyway you wanted and there were four categories for a contest that everyone voted on.

Here's my Sweetie's entry. He took it rather literally and used real gingerbread cookies crumbles to cover his. The icing is caulking.Yes, his did have an edge with the holiday spice scent.

Before I show you all of the entries, I have to tell you about this great group of people. Ilima Hotel is a very unique hotel in Waikiki. There is a strong ohana feeling with all who work there and with their guests as well. They have many guests who return every year and spend months with them. They have a number of employees who have been there for well over 20 years and even as much as 37 years! They also have an on-going educational program focusing on Hawaiiana that the employees and guests participate in. They take field trips to Sea Life Park and Bishop Museum, make lei and ipus and they have a wonderful group that sing and do hula. They are just a fun and happy group to be around.

So you see, decorating gingerbread is just another fun thing for them to do. They are a really creative bunch and I am lucky enough to get to share their creations with you. So, let's start with the winners!

 Most Original made by Drina, really has her spirit!

Most Imaginative made by Eme, see all the different spices and grains she used!

Most Christmas Spirited made by Jamie, isn't it so cute!

And Best Overall was made by Courtni! Her Gingerbread was 3-D and just so creative!

Here are the other entries, they are all creative. I had a hard time filling out my votes!

Aren't they all just so creative?!You can actually see the real gingerbread displayed in their hotel lobby. Ilima Hotel is located at 445 Nohonani Street. Aren't you inspired to make one, too? Maybe you can have your own contest in your office or with your family ad friends! Thank You again for Ilima Hotel for this great Holiday idea!

And Thank You for stopping by today! Hope you're having a great week! Happy Holiday Crafting!