Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Help a worthy cause and have fun, too!

Our company's ohana of stores includes the ACE Hardware stores on the neighbor islands. ACE is a big supporter of the Children's Miracle Network which benefits our local Kapi'olani Medical Center for Women and Children.

This year, they have decided to hold a charity golf tournament. You and two of your golfing buddies can form a team to support this worthy cause. You'll be helping a lot of people while having a good time!

The 3-person Modified Scramble Golf Tournament will be held on Friday, August 13 at the Moanalua Golf Club.

If you are interested and need a registration form, contact me at

I know you crafty people got lots of other skills, too! Hope to see you there!

Monday, June 28, 2010

It started as an idea for Sherri...

On Saturday, I was at the Mapunapuna BFC helping them out with the Bag Sale. In the Paperarts dept., I was showing Sherri A. how this one paper from pebbles inc's Twitterpated collection would be great for a wood block project. So, we agreed Sherri should make one.

Well, we wanted swirly wires on top so that we could hold photos or cards. Naturally, we thought Lynn H. would make it the best, so I took the project over to the Bead shoppe. Lynn was eager to help with the swirlies!

To make one is really fast and easy. You paint the block edges with some paint. Use some wood knobs for feet. Cut out some squares from the paper and glue them to the block. Here's some of the supplies...

Twist two colors of thick Londy wire together and shape into swirls or hearts.Use the drill to make a nice hole for the wire at the top of the block. Glue the wire in. All Pau!

Ok, so what really happened is Lynn ended up making the whole project all by herself! Isn't it really cute!

Thanks for stopping by today and hope you have a great week!

Friday, June 25, 2010

BYBF Recycle Bag Sale tomorrow!

Just a reminder that tomorrow is our Summer Bring Your Ben Franklin Recycle Bag Sale. What's that, you ask?

Just bring your Ben Franklin Crafts recycle bag to the store on Saturday, June 26 and get 20% off your purchase!

Forgot where you put your bag? You can get a new one for
just 99 cents and get the 20% off! It's easy peasy!

BTW, did you know that the 20% off is good on our
Ben Best Values, too? Yup, time to get that Big Shot Pro!

Thanks for stopping by today! I'm looking forward to a great weekend, maybe I'll see you at the store!

A Sweet Summer

Summer officially started this week and with it came
a Sweet collection, now in the Ben Franklin Craft stores.
I couldn't resist the goodies and bought a few of eveything!
There are wood stamps...

And mini clear stamps...

There are jotter pads so you can plan out your ideas
or just write a note...

There are mini notebooks, great for shopping lists
 or keeping track of your supplies...

There are stationary sets with 8 papers, 8 matching envelopes and 8 stickers!

And I love the die-cut cards. The circle is a cut out and the design is actually on the inside of the card.
Sweet and simple, you can dress them up with ribbons, buttons and other embellishments.
You get 8 cards and envelopes in a pack!

But I must admit what makes this collection REALLY SWEET is that they all are only a $1.25 a piece!

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you all have a REALLY SWEET Weekend!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Here Kitty, Kitty!

I saw some really cute Hello Kitty baking items at the Ben Franklin Crafts stores, perfect for any occassion! There were cupcake liners and treat bags, even Miss Kitty's own icing colors set.

Whether you bake your own or buy your cakes, there were toppers and a candle to complete your
Kitty theme.

But my favorite was the Hello Kitty Cake Pan! I have some no calorie craft ideas to use this one for!
So exciting!

So now, you can Really have your cake when it comes to
Hello Kitty!

Thanks for stopping by today and hope you're having a Sweet Day!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

And the Winner is...

Today, we had a bridal shower for one of our co-workers who is getting married next month. So, I had Noelle, the Bride-to-Be, pick the winning name from my little baggie.

And the winner is...Jenny! from crazyforpaper.blogspot! Yup, the crazy one who wrote:
"Uh, If I don't like basketball, does that mean I can't enter??? :) hee hee. OK just re-read the post... my team colors would be pink and brown! Though I don't think any guy would want to wear it!"

I think pink and brown would make great team colors...hmmm but what would the mascot be? Cupcakes?

Well, Congratulations to Jenny and to Noelle, too. Thank You to all who took a shot at winning! And thanks for always taking the time to stop by, I really appreciate it. I love reading your comments, too, you crafters are so funny!Take care and have a great week!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Game ends at Midnight!

Don't forget, today's the last day to enter to win the Laker-licious Purple and Gold(yellow) prize package. Go to Friday's post to enter!
I picked up some purple M&Ms to add to the prize as well as a purple Flexi-Vase.
So, what's a Flexi-Vase?

Well, it's a vase made from soft flexible PVC. It stores flat and you just add water or water marbles to it and drop in your flowers. (So, you'll always have a vase to put flowers in if your sweetie surprises you at work!)

Not a great photo, but, the bottom of the vase comes in different colors and right now you can find this vase only at our Market City store.

Thanks for stopping by today and don't forget to enter!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

June 2010 JOC #2

The second Joy of Crafting show for June has some really cool stuff! We start off the show with Cheryl Miyashiro. She gets things going with an exciting action design card. It's a Pulley card that features some cute Hero Art stamps.

See, when you pull the top out, the bottom message slides out. So cool!

Next, we have Jenny from our Market City BFC who shares our new project for this year's Relay for Life at Magic Island. We are helping people make their Luminarias that are set up along the Relay track.

Each one represents sweet sentiments and thoughts for someone who has been affected by cancer. There are memories for those we have lost and encouraging words and support for those still fighting the battle as well as for the cancer survivors.We encorage you to come out and join us at Relay for Life at Magic Island on Saturday, July 17th 6pm to Sunday, July 18th 6 am.

But wait!There's more! We are so excited to have our next guest come on the show. Brandon Tavares from our Enchanted Lake store showed us today's hottest craft, the Yudu screen printer!
That's right with a Yudu, you can screen your own t-shirts, bags, pillows, even paper!

Isn't this a cute design on his shirt?! It's for his cupcake business. Yes, Brandon is mutli-talented, go check out the yummies at Brandon Cakes!

I hope you get a chance to watch this episode of the Joy of Crafting and learn some new crafting ideas! Thanks for stopping by today and until the next time, Happy Crafting!

P.S. - Don't forget to enter my FAN-tastic Friday contest by Tuesday!

Friday, June 18, 2010

It's a FAN-tastic Friday!

I know a lot of you out there Love Basketball, just like me. Now that the NBA Finals are over, I'm celebrating by making one of you a winner, too! I got some Laker-licious purple and yellow stuff to give away!

Okay, I think I know who Linda's team is, but what about the rest of you? Leave a comment and tell me who your favorite NBA team or player is. That's all. Don't have to do any 3-point shots or awesome slam dunks. Just post!

And, if you don't have a favorite, here's a free throw question...If you had a sports team, what would you make their team colors and mascot be?
The shot clock is set and you have until Tuesday morning to take your shot. Good Luck and have a Great weekend!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Blingin' Buttons!

I'm So Happy that our fun buttons finally arrived, been waiting for these babies to come in! We have a fun assortment of fashionable buttons to use in all types of crafts.These are just a few of the designs.

They are perfect for making rings, which is what I did. For my first ring, I wanted to show off the design on the button so it just has a little wire wrap swirl, like a cinnamon roll.

This pink one was  a little more flirty, going with the flowery design. First, I added a bunch of dangles.

Then, I changed my mind and just left one heart dangle so you can see the wire wrap flower top.

These are really fun to make and they are quick to do. The only hard part is trying to decide which one to make first!

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you are having a great week!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Kinda Big Applique?!

Oh, I love bunnies and I love "LOVE" so when I saw these cuties in the store, I figured they ordered them for me!

Aren't they adorable? It kinda threw me off because they are from our applique company, so I was thinking kinda big to sew on, huh? So, I think I'll add a pin backing to wear it. Or, a strap and hang it somewhere or use it for my Christmas tree. I know if I hang it from my bag, one of two things will likely happen. Either my fat cat , Kitty Kitty will try and chew it off or somehow I will break it and it willgo flying off. I've lost quite a few dangles from my bag, I guess I'm just too rough!

Anyway, just wanted to share. Thanks for "hoppin" by today and hope you're having a great day!

Monday, June 7, 2010

June 2010 Joy of Crafting Show #1

WOW, Graduation is over and Summer is finally here! The Joy of Crafting show has lots of fun ideas and projects to share in this month's first show. We start off with some great projects for grad parties!
Jenny Floro from our Market City BFC shares these cute ideas using our clear tubes, floral tubes and our exciting M&Ms collection.We now carry bags of single colored M&Ms, perfect for coordinating your favors.

Then, we have our favorite Paper Crafter, Cheryl Miyashiro, who shares a really cute card made with the Big Shot Pro's Cupcake Movers and Shapers Card die.

Lots of details in this card with the embossing and paper piecing but Cheryl makes it really easy to put together.

For the last project of the show, I share one of my favorite make and takes projects, Flower Soft Haku Angel pin. Everyone who has made one with me has told me that they will be making some for their freinds this year because they are so easy and so cute!

Thank you for stopping by today and I hope you're enjoying a Creative Summer!