Thursday, August 7, 2014

The main thing, stay safe!

As we prepare for Iselle and Julio to hit our Hawaiian Islands, we are thankful for all of the prayers and good thoughts being sent out from our mainland friends and fellow crafters.

For the safety of our customers and employees, our Hilo Ben Franklin Crafts store has already closed and our Kahului store will be closing at 3pm in preparation for Iselle. Our Big Island Ace stores should all be closed by 2pm today as well.

Here's hoping that we all get through this okay. Stay safe everyone!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Forty and Fabulous!

A famous Kitty from Japan is turning 40 this year! Isn't that awesome? I tell you, she looks so good, she just doesn't seem to age at all!

Well, to help  her celebrate "The Joy of Crafting Show" would like to find a Hawaii crafter that LOVES making crafts that have this famous Kitty as part of the design to come on our November show.

Do you know someone who fits this description? Is it your office co-worker? Is it your best friend? Is it YOU?

Here's a few things to consider while you are helping me find that kitty crafter. The crafts need to be made by hand and not using pre-made kitty items. But using official  rubber stamps or die cuts is okay because they still have to be put together by the crafter. In other words, we're not looking for pre-made kitty charms just glued to something or hung on earrings.

Help me find that special crafter by August 25, 2014 at 5pm HST. If you help me find someone, there's a finder's prize for you, too! We'll be taping the show in September. Send your nominee info to, put "Kitty Contest" on the subject line.

Thanks for stopping by today and start thinking about your kitty friends!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

It's August Already!

Summer is going by so fast! The kids have already headed back to school and we have a new Joy of Crafting show to share!

Our first guest is not about crafting, it's about caring! My good friend John Cummings III shares with all of us tips on how to be prepared for hurricanes and other disasters. We want everyone, especially our crafters, to be safe!
Then, Gloria from Pearl City BFC, gives us a sneak peek of a project they will be doing for their "Endless Summer" Craft Party on Saturday, August 23. It's a beautiful shell macramé bracelet!

And for the show finale, we have Joel from Celebrations with an adorable Panda Gift Box!

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you've been enjoying your Summer! Happy Crafting!