Sunday, April 15, 2012

April's second Joy of Crafting Show

April is going by fast! It's already time for another Joy of Crafting show featuring some fun new crafts!

Our first guest is Colleen from Mapunapuna  Ben Franklin Crafts. She's back with another of her favorite crafts,  crocheting. She teaches us how to make a handy kitchen towel topper. Colleen shares some great tips that she learned from her grandma! We even have a project sheet for you!

Our next guest is Brandon from our Enchanted Lake Ben Franklin Crafts store. On this show Brandon shows us how to make cute Cupcakes in a Jar. A great idea for all kinds of occasions.

Lastly, I'll show you how to make an origami kusudama flower. This flower reminds me of a cherry blossom. You'll be surprised how fast and easy it is to make one!

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you get a chance to watch the show! Have a great week and Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Perfect Jar for Scraps

The other week, I shared that I LOVE the Dear Lizzy Jar print paper. But I really LOVE the Jar Stamp set!

It's such a great bargain, too. You get the empty jar, a "Thank You" sentiment, a Summer description and four little goodies to fill the jar with.

So, I was playing around with some of my leftover scraps from other projects and decided to make some M'nM holders.

First, I used the blank card itself and re-scored it into a matchbook. Stamped 3 jars and cut one out with the X-acto knife. Stapled the top flap and added a strip of DP to hide the staples. The extra flower in the corner also helps hold it closed.

For the second one, I used the envelope. I stamped a jar, place a mat inside the envelope and cut the jar out with the X-acto and then a super sharp scissors. I used scraps of paper from the "Hip Hip Hooray" collections to decorate the front of the envelope.

After I cut-out the jars, I didn't like that I had lost some of the shading details of the jar. So, I stamped a jar onto clear acetate with StazOn ink. Then, I taped it to the inside of the card and envelope. The M'nMs are in little bags that are taped to the inside so it stays behind the jar.

Really simple to do and I loved that I got to use some of my leftovers!

Thanks for stopping by today and I guess for some of you, tomorrow is like, Friday?! Hope you're having a great week!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Joy of Crafting Show's first April show

Wow, it's April already and that's no joke! We have some new crafts to share in this first Joy of Crafting show for April.

We start off the show with Brandon Tavares from Enchanted Lake Ben Franklin Crafts. This time around, he's showing us a really colorful craft, Crayon Art. A fun and easy project for all!

 Then, we welcome a new crafter to the show, Colleen Mossman from our Mapunapuna Ben Franklin Craft store. Colleen does all kinds of crafts and on this show she demonstrates one of her favorites...cake decorating!

Colleen shows how to decorate character pans like the Hello Kitty cake pan from Wilton. She shares some tips so that even first timers can make a beautiful cake.

With it being graduation season, I bet a lot of you lei makers have some leftover yarns. Well, I'll show you how you can use some of it to make cute little birdies. They "hatch" up really quick so you still have time to make some for your Easter basket!

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you're enjoying your weekend! Happy Crafting!