Sunday, June 21, 2015

Summer's really here and so is a new Joy of Crafting Show!

We have some Hot crafts to match the weather on this new Joy of Crafting Show! New crafters, too!

First, we start off with a new unique item! Jenny Floro shows us how to use Paper Laminate. A new item from Japan available at our Oahu stores. Lots of great uses!

One of favorite guy crafters is back with  new project! Dean Ramos shows us his painting skills while paying tribute to this year's Relay for Life. Learn more about the new format for the Magic Island event happening on Saturday July 18.

Next, we introduce you to Takashi Kondo from Japan's Eruberu.

Taka, as we call him, will show us how to use resin to make a kawaii parfait charm! Taka also previews some of the projects for a special event happening on July 11 and 12 at our Mapunapuna store.

Then, we have Erika Pascual from Pearl City BFC.

Erika shows us how to make the sweetest looking mini cake rolls from Hearty Clay!

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you get a chance to watch the show! Have a great week and Happy Crafting!

Friday, June 19, 2015

WIBD - What I Been Doing

Okay, everyone likes to tag each other on Instagram with #WIDN - What I Doing Now. Well, right now, I'm letting you know about some Free Fun for the whole family! It's been a fun first two weeks of June being a part of the Hawaii State Libray System's Summer Reading Program! This year's theme is Heroes, Everyday Heroes and Super Heroes!

Our HouseMart Ben Franklin Crafts and Ace Hardware stores are visiting libraries across the state, on all islands, including Molokai and Lanai this year! We're bringing our HouseMart Superhero Academy where keiki of all ages can learn some Hardware Science and do a little crafting, too! Check here to see our  library schedule.

So, what's it like? Take a look!
Lots of keiki and parents excited to try their hand at Hardware Science experiments
Test your reflexes! Are you as fast as The Flash!?
Learn about Inertia with this cup challenge!
Put on a cape and fly like Superman for a fun photo!
Make a Super Bear Bookmark you can use for your Summer Reading Program!

So, get out of the Bat Cave and join us for some Super Fun at the Libraries!
Hope to see you there!