Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Flat Leilani got Creative with Grammie!

Creative Grammie knows a lot about crafts and she also knows how to have a good time! CG and her family treated Flat Leilani to a really fun-packed day this past weekend. First , they showed her around the backyard.

Grammie grows her own lavender!

And look at the delicious strawberries! Yum!

Ahhh... a little chillaxin' before they hit the road for an adventure. Flat Leilani really loves the cute outfit CG made for her!

Grammie took her to the Hale'iwa Arts Festival! Mr. H chose this beautiful carved mermaid for Leilani's backdrop.

See the details of the carved wood.

Leilani had a great time because Hoku, the furry family member, was able to join them. She loves animals!

After a long fun day, it was time to get some grinds at Windward Mall. Since she's watching her figure, Leilani shared her plate with Mr. H.!

Thank You Creative Grammie for treating Flat Leilani to some fun times!

Thank you all for stopping by today and you really should check out Grammie's blog. She really does some AMAZING crafts! Hope you are all having a great week!


  1. Flat Leilani almost was goin be a wet n' soggy Leilani if she was let go in that pool!! LOL!! Funny n' Cute!!! Flat Leilani needs a blog of her own showing her day-to-day travels. How fun!!

    Eh, what menu you talking about? Email me... - u talking about the food I eat today? LOL... No Tease!

  2. Hahhaaaaaa.... I just realized that that's NOT a pool - but an image... good thing Flat Leilani no belong to me. My gf was selling at the Haleiwa Art Show too.. was it HOT??? I was going visit, but got tooo lazy! Hugs,


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