Monday, August 2, 2010

August Joy of Crafting Show #1

On this first August JOC show, it's all about jewelry making! First, we have Gloria from our Pearl City BFC introducing you to the fine art of Kumihimo.

We have the simple foam disks in our stores to make creating beautiful braids super easy! You can add beads and other special fibers to make beautiful pieces of jewelry.

Then, by popular request, we brought back Lynn Hashino and her sweet Crystal Cupcake. It's a really easy beading project and we do have a project sheet to make a beaded cupcake which you can convert to the crystals.

Lastly, I'm still loving the buttons, so I show you how to make those cute and simple Button Rings. And we have a project sheet for that one, too!

Hope you can catch this episode and get some ideas so you can start fashioning your own one-of-kind jewelry pieces, too! Thanks for stopping by today and hope you have a great week! Happy Crafting!

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