Monday, November 29, 2010

Butterfly Wishes

Yesterday, I got to experience a very touching and beautiful ceremony with the Queen Lili'uokalani Children's Center.Queen Lili'uokalani set up a trust to help and nurture orphaned or less fortunate children in Hawaii and the Children's Center is the result. The families we met yesterday had all gone through 8 weeks of grief counseling and yesterday was their Butterfly ceremony which symbolizes their transformation and entering of their new life journey ahead.

Keeping with the theme, we helped them decorate the wooden frames we sell that have three butterflies linked together.I took pictures of the keiki and their families to insert into the frames. A couple of the keiki are now being raised by their grandparents and I witnessed a lot of love.

Then, the highlight of the day was the releasing of the Monarch Butterflies. These butterflies rely on the crown flower plant to breed and with less plants around, their population is dwindling. So, Springs Romano and her many volunteers grow the plants and help breed the butterflies.

We were each given a special envelope with a touching poem, that contained a sleeping butterfly. Everyone was encouraged to whisper a wish to the butterfly. One by one, everyone released their butterfly.Some of the butterflies fluttered around and landed on people and just stayed there.Here's Daven, our Pearl City Store Manager,  releasing his butterfly.

 My butterfly fluttered around then went for this penta flower plant to eat.

Yesterday, I think I learned a lot more from the keiki than they did from me and the whole experience is something that I will remember for a lifetime.Again, I am thankful for the happiness crafting brings to people's lives.

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  1. what a great story, so touching! TFS :)

  2. I agree with Shani, the story is so touching. TFS :)

  3. Very sweet that you were able to be a part of something so special!! Butterflies are very symbolic!! =D

  4. What a great story! So touching. How very special and lucky that you were able to participate in this program. TFS


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