Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Got me some Bargains! Left some for you!

I was happily checking out the new Hero Arts stamps that just came in to Ben Franklin, great new designs! Couldn't resist, so I got a few. But then, I saw all the great designs that were ON SALE at 50% off! So, GOT ME LOTS OF THOSE!

Can't believe I missed so many good stamps, but I guess sometimes good things (bargains) do come to those who wait! They even had some of the Asian designs on sale, too. I guess we needed to make room for all the new stuff.

Anyway,  I thought I'd share this find with you. But I think you if you want some, better hurry in before the pickin's are all gone!

Thanks for stopping by today!See ya in the stamp aisles ! Happy Stamping!


  1. Hi Joy,
    You got yourself some very nice stamps! Hero Arts is one of my favorite brands of stamps; glad BFC carries them.
    Have yourself a wonderful new year filled with fun and good health!
    Hugs, Wayna

  2. Man, why can't i find awesome bargains like that!!! LOL, maybe because if i wait they are all gone! LOL... i better check Kahului... got a lot of punches at 50% off though!! =D Thanks for sharing sister! =D

  3. Thanks for the tip Joy! I had to lug my poor DD and Baby Asa along to BF today to go check out the good deals ... guess what? I got me some stamps too! Woot, woot! Now, do I even have the time to use them at this point? :) Have yourself a safe and Happy New Year!

  4. Awww...which store did you find them at???


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