Friday, April 22, 2011

Kokeshi Doll Favor Box project sheet

 I had a lot of requests to make this Kokeshi Doll Favor Box into a project sheet,explaining how to make the sleeves and obi.Well, sorry for the delay but I can happily say that it's finally done! Unfortunately,  it won't be posted on the website for another few weeks due to some technical issues.

However, because you all faithfully visit my blog, I can e-mail the project sheet to you if you'd like. Just send your request to and I'll send it off to you.I'll do this until it does get posted on the website. UPDATE! The project sheet is now available on the website, click here.

Thank You again to all of you kindhearted and caring people who supported our Japan Earthquake and Tsunami relief efforts.It is really great when everyone can come together to help and support others in their times of need.

Hope you all have a great Easter! Thanks for stopping by today and have a great weekend!


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