Monday, August 1, 2011

There was Something Fishy going on @ Market City!

This past Saturday, Market City Shopping Center sponsored a Craft event.So Ben Franklin was in the upstairs lobby making Cards of Aloha, a flower decoration and I had a Hello Kitty Easel Card Make and Take. It was a lot of Fun! We'll let you know when we do it again!

The cool thing was on one of the tables, we had a special guest, Dr. Glenn Takaki. Most people know him as their dentist, but he also does Gyotaku fish printing!

So, on Saturday, he demonstrated his technique and people were able to make fish prints! We even did them on T-shirts.Here's some finished sample prints.

Here's the papio fish that they were using for the prints.

Here's Azariah Simpson with his Mom, Sigrid, and their fish print!

Want to Thank everybody for stopping by and making some crafts with us! Especially want to Thank Dr. Takaki for his wonderful demonstration! Funny, I was craving a poke bowl that night!

Thanks for stopping by today and hope you're off to a great week!


  1. FUN! Was that a real fish?! Dinner!

  2. Wow, amazing stuff with a real fish! Never heard of that type of art. But now I understand what you were talking about on Friday.

  3. Wow! I've always wanted to try the Gyotaku technique. I admire those huge prints at the restaurant (Gyotaku in P.C.). Sounds like everyone had a blast!

  4. Hi Joy,
    Wow, I missed a gyotaku demo? My BFF spent a lot to buy a framed one to send to her son in TX.
    I dropped a card for Japan off at the Mapunapuna store, since I couldn't stay to make one.
    Sounds like everyone at MC was having fun.
    Hope to see you soon, 'till then, have fun crafting.

  5. i've seen it before on shows, but never ever saw it in real life.... must have been so cool to watch and even make... totally cool!!!


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