Monday, November 21, 2011

November's Second Joy of Crafting Show

For this second show of November, we have three fun craft projects. We start off the show with Yu Ming Zhu, the Sumi Watercolor Artist from Seattle.

In this show, Yu Ming shows us how to do watercolor painting using the sumi techniques, this time in color.

Again, he explains a lot about how to compose the design of the painting and how to achieve different looks with different brush strokes.

Our next guest was Cheryl Miyashiro with another great project for the season!

Cheryl shows us how to make a Double Slider Gift Card Holder. (We'll be posting up a project sheet soon!)

Lastly, I show you how to make a simple holder for our new treat tubes.

You can just make one or put two together! (I'll let you know when the project sheet is posted!)

Thank You for stopping by today and I hope you're having a lot of FUN with  your Holiday projects!


  1. This was a terrific show. Loved all three segments. Looking forward to the instructions and measurements for Cheryl's gift card holder and your treat holder.

  2. Hey Joy, I want to make your treat holder! Hope you post the instructions soon! Happy Thanksgiving too!!!

  3. Really enjoy your shows, Joy, so inspiring! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!


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