Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hot Wheels!

Remember the show "Pimp My Ride"? Well, look at what Swarovski Crystal did to this Toyota (Venza, I think) at the Japan Hobby Show! The coolest thing is that even though there was a rope around the car, you could get really close to the car and see the details, the photos don't do it justice.

Here's the front grill.

Here's the head lights! I really liked the look of this.

Here's the door handles.

And here's the interior dashboard!

The back opened up with a full stereo system.

And lots of video screens, all blinged out!

And let's not forget the wheels!

I don't know how long it look them to do this and how many crystals it took, but I did see them changing the car battery on the second day of the show.

Well, so far I've only added a Chococat license plate holder to my ride. Hmmm, makes me start thinking!

Thanks for stopping by today for my show and tell! Have a great week!

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  1. Was wondering if you could tell me the brand of apoxy holding crystals on rims ?


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