Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Notice anything new?

Happy Wednesday Crafty Peeps! Just wanted to see if you noticed the blog's sidebar has something new?! Yup! We've launched a youtube channel for TheJoyofCrafting!

This means you can now watch your favorite crafters like Cheryl Miyashiro and Frank Dumlao any time. You can even spock your friends like Linda K. in the audience at our live tapings.Right now, there's a 143 videos  from the past few years. We will be uploading even more, but there's a lot since we've done 209 shows!

Go check it out at, but remember to use TheJoyofCrafting, if you go to just JoyofCrafting, there won't be anything there.

Thanks for stopping by today and have a great week! Happy Crafting!


  1. Super! Thanks for doing this now I can spend all my spare time watching all my very projects on the video.

  2. Way to Go! Can't wait to review some of my favorite crafts; it's like having a personal instructor alongside. Yay!


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