Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Another Honey Pop Flower Bloomed!

With the XXL Glue Dots and Honey Pop paper sitting on my desk, well... I just couldn't resist making another Honey Pop flower!

It kind of looks the same as yesterday's one, but this time I rounded my petals instead, making sort of a heart shape for the petal template.

I really like the look of three layers so I did it again and added a flat flower bling for the center.

Gosh, I wish real gardening was so easy!Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you're having a Blooming great week!


  1. Wow JOy - these flowers are just so pretty!
    TFS - and have a crafty day~

  2. Wow Joy, I love this flower! So cute! Now I need to check your previous tut! Gotta make these!



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