Monday, March 4, 2013

Crafters are so Sweet!

I just gotta share how sweet Jayne from Handmade Cuties is! She was one of the recent winners for the Valentine's Day contest and look what she sent me along with her Thank You card...

Jayne used this blank card she got from Shirl of Creations by Shirl for her Thank You card
She sent these 5 charms so I could share them with my lunch bunch. She remembered that my lunch bunch helped me pick the random winners.

If you don't know about Handmade Cuties, then you are definitely missing out! Jayne designs and beads the most cutest beaded charms and jewelry you can imagine!

The two girls from my lunch bunch adopted the bunnies.
Two of the IT guys took the bookworms!Let's just say that my IT guys are really, REALLY impressed. At first, they just couldn't fathom the idea that these are beaded by hand with such tiny, tiny beads!
My other IT guy said it was too tiny for him, he might lose it so I kept the music notes. And I'm going to attach it to my iPod.
So, I just wanted to THANK YOU, Jayne! It was a really nice surprise, talk about Happy Mail!

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you all are having as wonderful a day as me and my lunch bunch is!


  1. Oh how awesome Joy, you got all those cute bead charms from Jayne... I know she does makes all the cute images with them.....And I spy my Thank you card, I'm glad she is sharing them....
    TFS Joy - enjoy your new crafty week!

    1. I am usually very greedy with these cards but I knew Joy would appreciate the love that went into making it! Thanks Shirl!

  2. I know, I know, I told Jayne it's my turn to jump up and down. (except that would't be fair in our company pedometer challenge, I think, LOL!)

    Your card is so pretty, too, and those cherry blossoms are so tiny and detailed!

    I really had fun sharing them with my lunch bunch, too. Sometimes, when I talk about you fellow blogges and tweeters, they are just so amazed about how we all connect. I'm glad to make friends with all of you wonderfully creative peeps!

  3. Hi Joy,

    Wow...I was surprised by this post. It's so nice of you to show off my charms and to mention my blog. I'm flattered =) Those funny IT guys! When I figure out how to glue these beads together instead of stitching it, you and your lunch bunch will be the first to know about it! I promise!

    I enjoy reading your blog and your giveaways are such sweet bonuses. Thank you for being so generous and for sharing your amazing creativity!


  4. Oh these are really cute Joy! Lucky girl and the card Shirl made is adorable too. Jayne's creations are super kawaii!!

  5. these are so adorable and so wonderful of jayne to share her creations!!


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