Sunday, August 4, 2013

New Joy of Crafting Show for August!

Hope everyone is enjoying the last days of Summer! Tonight, we have a new show for August and it's full of fun ideas!

I start off the show with one of my favorite new paints! Deco Art's Multi Surface paints are the perfect paint for a variety of projects. You can use the same paint on metal, glass, the name says, Multi surfaces! Plus, the colors are just fabulous!

Then, we have Savannah from Celebrations back to share some great ideas for pillow box decorating!

I couldn't wait for this next segment to air because it's all about Project Life! Not sure what PL is all about? Don't worry, I'll give you a quick overview and share one of my favorite weeks so far!

Lastly, we have a segment we taped earlier but didn't have enough time to air. Shane Hershey from EK Success shows us how to use the Circle Scissors Pro, a really easy to use circle cutter, as he makes paper fortune cookies.

Have you been watching the show lately? Noticed anything different at the end? Leave a comment if you do and let me know what you think, yah or nay. I'll reward one random commentor with a Ben Franklin Crafts Gift card for the help!

Hope you get a chance to see this show! Thanks for stopping by today and have a great week!


  1. The outtakes and claps at the end of the show are precious insights to the host, guests and fun of filming!

  2. I enjoy watching the outtakes at the end of each show and hope you keep it.

  3. It's a neat idea for the outtakes! I think you should keep them! Always makes people on TV seem more down to earth!

  4. Shucks! I've missed a quite a bit of the shows this summer but I hope to catch one soon. The outtakes must be fun! Jayne

  5. Hey Joy, I usually get to watch your show on the second run thanks to my husband. I always enjoy watching the out-takes too, it's so funny. How cool for everyone to have such fun while working!

  6. Love your show and love the outtakes! Makes a fun show even more fun. :)

  7. Love the show! Will definitely have to subscribe on YouTube!

    -Katie S.


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