Sunday, February 2, 2014

14 Days of Valentines - Day 2

Welcome Back! It's Super Bowl Sunday, which for me means a great time to craft. Occasionally, I watch the game and cheer for a team but usually I just like watching the commercials! LOL!

So, for Day 2, I'm sharing a project that Beth from Mapunapuna Ben Franklin Crafts will show you how to make on tonight's Joy of Crafting Show. I call it the Framed Scripted Heart.

Beth created her own heart cut out to use as a stencil. She placed it over the black cardstock and used a white ink pen to write words of love in the cutout area. When she removed the stencil, it left a wonderful scripted heart. For a special effect, she re-traced the words in Glossy Accents to make the heart standout even more.

What a great idea for anytime of the year, not just Valentine's day.

Thanks for stopping by today and scroll down to my earlier post to find out more about tonight's show. Happy Crafting!


  1. This would make a sweet gift for that special someone or I'd probably just keep I agree today is a perfect day for crafting!

  2. Pretty idea!!
    Great use for those scraps to make the cute hearts. Love this idea.

  3. so sweet! i only watched the half time show for bruno mars. that was more exciting than the game.

  4. Love it! that heart is just perfect and great inspiration.
    TFS Joy - you make me smile!

  5. The texture is awesome using Glossy Accents. I might have to write a word or 2 w/ Stickles for a bit of Bling!


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