Wednesday, April 15, 2015

HM High, We Love it, too!

It was really great to see HM High Stickers chosen as one of the 5 things the Star Advertiser Loves about Graduation.

Since their debut last year, HM High stickers have been a hit!

 Hawaii peeps have been using them for so many different projects, like graduation, of course. It's so easy to make a lei by attaching a pack of HM High stickers to a lanyard. Alumni like them for their class reunions, too. Hawaii people always love a good party and we have lots of school pride.

photo courtesy of Osaki Creative
Hilo High really loved their logo design. So much, that they used it for the school's new gym floor!

So, when you're thinking of what to do this graduation, stop by and check these stickers out!

Thanks, for stopping by today and hope your week is going great!

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  1. Now that is really cool and so special!


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