Sunday, February 21, 2016

February's second show!

Can't believe it's already the second half of February, time just flies when you're crafting away!

Well, we have Bethany from Enchanted Lake Ben Franklin Crafts back to show us how to make a beautiful dreamcatcher!

The colors are so soothing and the details of the beach glass and starfish are perfect for this island version.
Then, we have a visit from Joel of Celebrations. He always has such cool stuff to share.
This time it's some plastic furoshiki that's printed with everyone's favorite,  Sakura blossoms! I can think of so many more things to do with these besides wrapping, the possibilities are endless!
Lastly, we fulfill a Hana Hou request! Gloria shows us how to  make a variety of three-straw lei! Perfect for all kinds of celebrations!
Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you're able to catch the show! Isn't it great that's it's a Leap Year, one extra day for crafting!

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