Monday, August 29, 2016

Make It Monday - By Request, Foxy Bookmark!

This past Saturday, I was doing this make and take at the Pearl City store's Wild Hearts crafting party. Posted a photo online and got a request for instructions. So here it is, Cami!

Take a 4" x4" cardstock in a "fox color". Use your MSC Score board and score at 2", turn and score again at  2" so there's four squares.

You can use scissors, but I like using my trimmer to cut out one of the squares.

Use the scissors to cut the outer squares diagonally across, leaving you with two triangles.

Fold the triangles in, overlap and tape down to create the base bookmark.

Turn the base bookmark over. Cut out two half hearts from a light cream color for the eye patches.

Make sure that the opening point is a the bottom on the base piece, tape the eye patches to the base.

I used black rhinestone stickers, 4mm for the eyes and 6mm for the nose.

For the ears, I used one of the scrap triangles and placed it behind the head and slightly folded them over to get the ear size.

Then, I cut them a little off from the fold line to create a tab for tape. Taped the ears behind.

Then to finish, I flipped it over, as you can see, it's not so pretty.
So, I took the other triangle piece and taped it over for a cleaner finish.
Now, you can use your finished fox for a bookmark or in a planner!
Thanks for stopping by today and hope you are enjoying your last few official days of Summer!


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Joy! That was fast! You know being "foxy" is the in thing now so this is perfect. SO CUTE!

  2. This is my third try to comment but I always get an error message that BFC doesn't recognize my email account. Anyhoooo, Joy, thank you so much for posting the directions for your cute fox bookmark! I really appreciate it and have made some. I will post on FB soon. So fast, easy, and fun!


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