Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Who's da Real Boss?

This week Friday, Oct. 16th is National Boss' Day. If you're like me, sometimes it seems like you have many
bosses!(but they're all great!) Anyway, here's a favorite project just right for the guys in the office. It's the Aloha Shirt Treat Bag. If you just want to make a card, you'll  find easy instructions to fold an Aloha Shirt Card right here . To make the bag use a 6" x 12" paper instead.

If you come to my make and takes, you know I like candy, so that is why I made this card into a treat bag a few years ago. It's still a popular favor and it's really easy, too. Using the longer paper, follow the instructions and fold the paper into the Aloha Shirt card (the finished shirt will look too long).

Untuck the shirt from the collar and open it up. Here, I marked the center fold line so you can see it better.

From the center fold line, mark off 1" away on both sides of that center line, creating two new lines (when actually making these, just crease well and don't mark with a pen, the lines will show later.)

From those two new lines, you will fold them out to make the bag bottom. Basically, you will lift the paper at center along the fold lines and align it with the side edge of the shirt. You will do this on both sides, forming the four corners of the bottom.

It is exactly like the folds to create the shirt sleeves on the card (what is pictured here), except you will not flatten them in the end and you have to do both sides of the bag. (It's also the same as the treat bag you fold from 8.5" x 11" paper.)

When the bag bottom is made, fill with treats and re-tuck the shirt front under the collar.

Here's a side view, so you can see the place to put the treats!

Finishing touches could be adding a tiny shirt front pocket and tiny buttons.You can also use this shirt bag for the girls by using a pretty paper and adding a pearl necklace. Or, you can use baby prints and add a bib for a baby shower. It's great for garduations, retirements and yakudoshis, too.There's lots of ways to make this shirt bag your own!


  1. Good tutorial Joy. I forgot about this project. Are you making one for Wayne? No need, because he'd just have to give it to me. His BOSS! LOL! At first I thought that you were going to write about the Real Boss company (linked onto the website ( unique dog products. Now all the store bosses will be expecting something. I bet they didn't even know it was National Boss Day.

  2. Hi Joy! Boy this shirt card/box brings back some memories of MnTs at some of the Paper Parties!!! :D

  3. TFS this tutorial - I always forget about this one!

  4. I try to remember to share some of the old projects in case people haven't seen them yet. At first, I was doing a step-by-step but it was taking too long and I had over 25 photos! Way too much. Then I remembered the project sheets. So, that helped.Hope you all can use this for another time.


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