Friday, November 13, 2009

Glass Eggs, Oh Deer!

Sometimes, you just want to have fun and that's egg-xactly what I did a little while ago. I had bought some clear glass eggs and I decided to make a herd of reindeer. So here's my first one, Ume aka Rudolph's cousin.

I call her Ume because I like to use those red pom poms for ume on my musubi ornaments. The supplies are basic and the decorations are what ever you want.

I used Spice Brown Ceramcoat acrylic paint inside of the egg, swirled it around. Cover the hole with some  folded up paper towel to protect youself from cuts or paint. Don't forget to place the egg upside down in a cup to drain out the excess paint. Then I cut some ears out of felt. Twisted some chenille stems into antlers. Gave her 12mm moving eyes and that 1/2" red pom pom for her nose. All Pau!

So, this season while you're bustling around, take time to have some fun! Thanks for stopping by today and have a GREAT weekend!

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  1. OMGosh that is so CUTE!! and i LOVE her name... =D Awesome Joy... this would be a great Make 'n Take... hint hint! Have a wonderful weekend! hugs, Kris


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