Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Paper Forest

Making samples has left me with a bunch of scraps, seems I just can't throw anything away! So, I thought I'd get ready for Christmas with some little tree ornaments. All you need are three circles of printed CS, preferably double-sided. I made my circles 4", 3.5" and  3".

Now, for the next part, you can be precise by scoring, but I just folded mine up to get the crease. First, I folded them in half. Then, I opened them up and folded them in half the other way. I marked the crease lines with a pen so you can see it better.

Then, I matched up the folds diagonally and folded them in half. Do this in both diagonal directions. You should end up with 8 sections.

Next, you need to fold each "piece of the pie" in the middle, but this time you do a valley fold (dotted lines).

Then, I snipped each of these sections to a make short points between each section. Repeat these steps for all three circles.

To string them together, I threaded a thin metallic cording on a large eye needle.Tied a small facet bead to one end of the cording. Going from the bottom up, I poked a hole through the tip of the largest tree. The tree is held in place by the bead. Left a litle cording above the tree,  then strung and tied another bead on. Strung the middle tree on. Continued the same with the smallest tree. Strung a star bead on top and tied the cord into a loop for hanging.Finished it with with some Stickles accents around the tree. Fast and easy, soon you'll have a whole forest!

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  1. That's a clever use of scraps! I also have a ton of scrap papers. Even the tiniest pieces seem too good to throw away. Maybe we should have a scrap swap...LOL!

  2. Ok, now that is really cute!!! can you bring one on Sunday?!!? hehe! See you on Sunday! btw, what will you be in??? i go early you know... LOL hugs, Kris

  3. This is so clever Joy! Love it! I have so many scraps too...hmmmm.....

  4. You should see my scrap drawer. I like this clever idea! I'll have to make some of these.


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