Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Good Read

I love to read. I read books. I read the newspaper. I read magazines. The only thing I probably don't read are instructions, until I HAVE to!LOL!

Well, on Thanksgiving weekend, amidst all the craziness, I found time to relax with the latest copy of O, Oprah's magazine. There I found myself reading a really great story that I think relates to all of us crafters out there.

"A Stitch in Time" author, Meribah Knight, talks about her love for sewing which she credits to her grandmother. The love for crafts had skipped a generation because her mother was not into it at all. But she was inspired by her grandma's lovingly handcrafted pieces that she made. (There's a  lot more to the story and I don't want to spoil it for you when you read it.)
I connected with her when she says "Like everyone else's, my life often is dominated by the computer.At a certain point my eyes glaze over...this is when I must touch something besides a mouse." Sewing she says "immerses me in the pleasure of actually making something and reminds me that not everything is made up of pixels."
And I think you can all relate to that. Yes, we're grateful for computers which enable us to share. But in the end, it's the things made with our own hands that reach out and touch people.
Thank You to all of you who share your wonderful creations and take the time to teach others. Bless you and have a wonderful Holiday season!


  1. Hey Joy! I'll have to p/u this magazine and read the story, but I'm just like the author. My mom did some sewing, out of necessity, but her mom did all kinds of crafts when she was at her Japanese club (Lanakila). Thanks for helping me to remember the great crafts my grandma made. Hope you have a wonderful and joyous holiday season as well!

  2. It was just a warm and fuzzy kind of story and it really made me think of all of you who create such great projects and have fun doing them as well as making so many new friends. Crafts Rock!

  3. Hey Joy,
    Thanks so much for the post. It brings such a smile to my face to hear about other ladies who had a similar exeprience to me. Crafts totally rock!

    Meribah Knight

  4. Wow! This is almost like meeting you in person! I just admire people who can write in such a way to deliver such a meaningful story. I just knew my fellow crafters would get it , too. Thanks for writing to me and I hope you continue your happy journey of writing and crafting!


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