Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I made a lot of new friends!

I'm just coming back to Earth after last Saturday's JOC taping with a live audience of BF Craft Club members. I had so much FUN and I made so many new friends.

I want to Thank everyone who entered the contest, your comments and ideas will help us improve the show.I hope everyone who was able to come to our event had a good time!

I want to say a BIG Mahalo to our wonderful vendors who generoulsy donated so many gifts and door prizes. So, Thank you to Darice, The Mountain Idea, Stampenduos, Sizzix, Hero Arts, The Paper Company, Marvy Uchida and Lisa from PA. Two lucky ladies even won Texture Boutiques!Everyone received a stamp from Hero Arts and one from Stampenduous, an Uchida circle punch, a roll of Meriken double stick tape and a Sizzix die. And each person also won some goodies from the door prizes.

Darice provided foamie visors to decorate so that everyone had a "party hat".

Fridge served as a "stand-in" for the virtual neighbor island guest that we picked for each show. Jenna Inouye and Kris Palakiko will be getting their prizes in the mail soon.

Thank You again to all of our guests who shared their talents with  our members, including Mellie's comedy act. This was one Saturday to remember! (I will post more info on the show as we get closer to the air date.) A Big mahalo to Darling and Chris for all of their help checking everyone in and passing out the prizes!

Thank you for e-mailing and leaving such sweet comments. I really appreciate all of your friendships! Have a great day and Happy Crafting!


  1. Hi Joy! OMG I see my BFF Linda in the picture!!! I was sooo bummed when I heard that she was going to the taping w/o me. NEXT TIME I'LL BE THERE TOO ... oh oh, maybe you won't want the 2 of us in 1 place together ... HAHAHAHA! TTYL!

  2. Hi Joy! I had so much fun on Saturday! I really hope that I'm able to be there next year too! Yes, I told Kyoko (my BFF) that I really missed her and that I wished she was there. But she's right; I'm not sure you want the both of us together at the taping! Hahahaha! Please check out Kyoko's blog if you haven't yet. She is one awesome chickie! Even though she hasn't posted anything since November 2009 ... LOL!

  3. OMG ... YOU DIDN'T GO THERE!! Oh the pressure....

  4. Oh yes I did! Get to posting girl! See what I mean about the two of us Joy? Heehee!

  5. I was in Dallas when I was getting all of your comments on my Blackberry. I was cracking up with you two! The people I was with thought I was crazy...hmmm how inspring the two of you are! OK, Kyoko, I'm knocking on your door!


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