Monday, January 18, 2010

January's 2nd JOC show..did you miss it?

Last night was the premiere of the second JOC show for January 2010. I almost missed it because I just flew in from Dallas. We went Christmas shopping! That's right, we were picking all the ornaments and decorations for Christmas 2010. But on with the show...

So, the first guest last night was Mellie Enos, who showed us how to make a beautiful Bozu flower lei from ribbons.

Next, we introduced you to a new friend, Derrick Isono. He showed us how to do some cool things with the Prang washable markers that our BFC stores are now carrying. Many of you teachers may know Derrick through his art workshops.

Then, our last guest is a familiar face to those of you on the Windward side. Puna Earl is the Craft Coordinator at our Enchanted Lake BFC store. She showed us how to put together a quick cupcake box, perfect for Valentine's day!

Well, this week there might not be much quality blogging from me, I'm traveling again. We leave for the craft show of the year, CHA in Anaheim. Can't wait to see what's new and visit with all of our crafty friends!

Thank You for taking the time out of your busy day and visiting! I really appreciate all of your kind and encouraging words and inspiring feedback. Take care and hope the New Year is going great!


  1. Hi Joy! You are one busy chickie! Have a great time at CHA and bring back lots of goodies! xoxo, Linda

  2. Lucky dog!!! Have FUN at CHA!!!

  3. Hi Joy! I just found your blog through my friend and fellow partner for the new Pocket Edward blog! Thanks for kicking her butt into getting us started again!! Can't wait to see what you'll come up with next. You can visit me as I have a blog too!! =)
    Jodi =)

  4. Aloha Joy what a wonderful experience you have I wanted to blog to you and send in what I love-there are so many things to love and to be grateful for-I love my little grandchild my little mo'opuna girl who loves to paint, draw and color-she also loves to put stickers on her paintings or cardstock and put it up on her gallery (the refrigerator with her magnets to shoe her work -sh she takes right after me and loves to do the crafts with me -although she is only 2.5 yrs old she'll be 3 in August she is so akamai and always asks to paint or do something artsy-I love all the new things that you introduce and love learning new things! Keala Inciong -Ako is my name and my email is Mahalo for all the fun and neat stuff you do for us! God Bless!


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