Wednesday, June 23, 2010

And the Winner is...

Today, we had a bridal shower for one of our co-workers who is getting married next month. So, I had Noelle, the Bride-to-Be, pick the winning name from my little baggie.

And the winner is...Jenny! from crazyforpaper.blogspot! Yup, the crazy one who wrote:
"Uh, If I don't like basketball, does that mean I can't enter??? :) hee hee. OK just re-read the post... my team colors would be pink and brown! Though I don't think any guy would want to wear it!"

I think pink and brown would make great team colors...hmmm but what would the mascot be? Cupcakes?

Well, Congratulations to Jenny and to Noelle, too. Thank You to all who took a shot at winning! And thanks for always taking the time to stop by, I really appreciate it. I love reading your comments, too, you crafters are so funny!Take care and have a great week!


  1. So shame re-posting my random thoughts! I really should be more careful in what I post yah? Thank you so much for the blog candy! Can't wait to get it. Thank you and Congratulations to Noelle too!


  2. No worry! Your post was so CUTE and it's kind of like how I how we talk. And sometimes I forget when I'm talking out loud because I tend to talk to myself a LOT!


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