Friday, June 25, 2010

A Sweet Summer

Summer officially started this week and with it came
a Sweet collection, now in the Ben Franklin Craft stores.
I couldn't resist the goodies and bought a few of eveything!
There are wood stamps...

And mini clear stamps...

There are jotter pads so you can plan out your ideas
or just write a note...

There are mini notebooks, great for shopping lists
 or keeping track of your supplies...

There are stationary sets with 8 papers, 8 matching envelopes and 8 stickers!

And I love the die-cut cards. The circle is a cut out and the design is actually on the inside of the card.
Sweet and simple, you can dress them up with ribbons, buttons and other embellishments.
You get 8 cards and envelopes in a pack!

But I must admit what makes this collection REALLY SWEET is that they all are only a $1.25 a piece!

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you all have a REALLY SWEET Weekend!


  1. oh!!! i have to go and check this sweetness out!!! hehe! hope we have it in stock over here!!! thanks for sharing these fabulous goodies!! =D

  2. couldnt resist...I went to two stores to pick out the selection :) too sweet!!

  3. I've been traveling and didn't even know that BFC was selling these 'sweet' stuff. I think I'll go to the store today; hopefully there will be some left.


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