Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Flat Leilani went to Maui Wowee!

Y'all remember Jerome? He was a guest on the JOC and showed us how to make a candy bouquet. Well, Jerome is also the only guy to take Flat Leilani along on an adventure. Lucky girl, she got to go to Maui!

They stayed at a beautiful ocean front condo in Kaanapali.

Of course, they wanted to go to Hana.

Before starting out to Hana, they were hungry so they made a stop at Charley's in Paiea, notice the sign? It's the last stop for food!

Flat Leilani had a scrumptious meal of Eggs Benedict with fresh Ono, cajun style, and some home fries. That girl sure can eat!

One of the first stops on the Road to Hana is Twin Falls.

She was so tempted to take a dip!

Thanks, Jerome for taking Flat Leilani on that 10+ hour drive through the beautiful Maui countryside. Now, as I mentioned earlier, Jerome is the only guy to take Flat Leilani around. I'm sure you get the idea that being a guy, he didn't think about cutting her out and left her on her original page! LOL! So, although she had a good time, she did  get a little stiff on the long car ride. But, the main thing is everyone had a great time on Maui!

One more adventure to share and then it's time to celebrate our JOC Blog's First birthday! Thanks for checking in on us today and don't forget to visit us this weekend to join our virtual party!


  1. So funny about the guy thing, lol! But it's still nice that Jerome took Flat Leilani with him on his trip! Great pics, TFS!

  2. So nice pictures! Thanks for sharing. Hugs :)

  3. That is so funny to see Flat Leilani traveling with a guy! He did a wonderful job on showing all of the pictures!

  4. Flat Leilani has been very busy! She does like to travel.
    I recognize somebody at the BFC craft table, looks like she had a fun time. Hehehe


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