Monday, September 27, 2010

A Super September!

Wow! It's been a long time since I've been in blogland and I must say it feels good to be back. September was full of adventures for me, Fridge and Flat Leilani.

We started off the month celebrating Mapunapuna BFC's renovation celebration on Saturday Sept. 4th. We were so happy to see our company's founder, fondly called Mr. K, there to help bless the store and untie the ribbon!

I had a lot of fun at my make and take table (recognize anybody!LOL!)

The following week I headed to Las Vegas for the Ho'olaulea held in Henderson on September 11 and 12. When I got there Thursday night, I had a long wait at the rent-a-car, so I couldn't resist taking this photo...I didn't know that you could "rent" money in Vegas (Yeah , right!) I just don't know about the "returning the cash" part!

I had a lot of fun showing people how to make leis and the Vegas ACE Crew kept people happy with the a local kine snacks. Flat Leilani helped me sell some flower hair picks.

We even had a special guest visit us at the booth, Miss Hawaii 2010, Jalee Fuselier.

Monday morning I left for Salt Lake City, Utah. Met with a bunch of other "crafties" and spent a couple of days sharing great ideas. Can't wait to share them all with you in the coming months.

I spent a few days in Orem visiting my niece and I got to see some other places around Utah. Here Flat Leilani checked out the plants along the walking trails leading to Provo Canyon Falls.

Another place I visited was in SLC, an area called Sugar House. I came across this beautiful park. There was a pond with a whole bunch of geese.

Fridge pointed out the beautiful mountains of Utah. My windshield's still dirty because it got splattered with bugs when I drove up to Idaho (it was more than a 3 hour drive to get there!)

It was a wonderful two weeks but I am glad to be home. And although Utah is the birthplace of scrapbooking, I say Lucky we Live Hawaii, because we have so many more paperarts stores to choose from and so many FUN Bloggers who share!

Thank you for stopping by today! Speaking of sharing, in the next few days, I will share a few more adventures Flat Leilani had with some friends. Then, please visit back this weekend, as the Joy of Crafting celebrates our One Year Birthday. Until then, Happy Crafting!


  1. Hi Joy! So glad you had a great time. Such a nice pictures. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Love seeing all those photos & flat Leilani travel sites.


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