Saturday, August 13, 2011

More Cards of Aloha made by YOU!

Here are more Cards of Aloha that have been passed out to the people of Ishinomaki, Japan. Paul and Milton have been able to share these encouraging cards with the people living in the temporary housing as well as the small clusters of people still living in Ishinomaki.

Thank You again for taking the time to make these cards. You have been able to touch the lives of many by letting them know we are all still thinking of them and hoping for the best.

Thanks for stopping by today and Have a GREAT Weekend!


  1. Ugh! Can't believe I didn't send you any cards! Ugh! So sorry! I still want to send the people of Japan some cards...I'll have to look around for an address... So happy people aren't forgetting them!

  2. The people are going to love these. So much aloha in them! Awesome job folks!


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