Friday, January 6, 2012

Here's one to carry

It must have something to do with my resolution to stay organized, but here's another calendar project that's even faster to make!

Take some envelopes. I used the ones for the 4.25" x 5.5" cards in my favorite Brown Bag color.You'll need 12 -13.

I used some scraps and cut cardstock pieces 3.5" x 5". Rounded the corners, just because. Used the monthly calendar stickers to make it faster but you can always print some up on your computer.

Cut a printed design paper  for the top about 2.25" x 3", rounded those corners, too. I haven't done all the months in order and I am adding little stamped images or cut-outs as I go.

Decorated some small binder clips to hold the envelopes together.

This is how it came out. I'm going to use this calendar to carry with me. I can store receipts or other memorabilia inside of the envelopes. I can also write notes on the backside.I can also just carry the current month with me or as many months as I like. At the end of the year. I will bind it into a mini album, that's why I left space along the left edge.

I mention using 13 envelopes in case you want to make a "cover" page.

Working on two resolutions here, getting organized and using up my scraps! do you have any craft related resolutions?

Thanks for stopping by today and hope you enjoy the first weekend of the New Year!


  1. Super cute project! I love it :)

  2. I love the idea of using envelopes. So handy and so adorable!

  3. Aww another clever idea, this is such a great project.... Wow Joy you are sure rocking with your techniques.... Thanks for inspiring us all again.... love it!

  4. I love projects that use up scraps because I have boxes full of them. This is an excellent calendar project which I will definitely try because I have boxes of un-used envelopes too. Oh, maybe I could use all those useless junk mail envelopes! The idea of carrying it around is terrific because I never can find my coupns when I need them. The year goes by so quickly that it would be useful to have a brief log of what went on during the 12 months...sort of like an ongoing mini-scrapbook. Mahalo, Joy for always giving me fantastic ideas of how to turn ordinary supplies into useful, beautiful finished projects.

  5. Hi Joy,
    Your envelope calendar turned out super nice. What a clever idea. Hmmmm, my craft related New Year's resolution is to keep my craft area organized....ha-ha, that's a laugh. Everytime I get it cleaned up, it takes just one card making session to create a ROYAL MESS. Hee-hee. Have a great weekend. :-)

  6. What a great calendar idea! Joy, you just keep coming up with these great calendar ideas!

  7. Super great idea Joy, I think I'm going to try this out and get organized this year. Your project is very cute and pretty too, TFS!


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