Friday, January 13, 2012

It Really is Clearly Better!

I love stamping, always have, always will. Bought my first stamps with my own money when I was about 8 years old and haven't stopped since. Before, all the stamps were rubber but now there are so many cute designs in the clear cling type.

Now, I love my Memento black ink pad but sometimes it just doesn't do the clear stamps justice. So, I decide to do a test and see if the "Clearly Better" ink pads did indeed work better.

And, it did! The images on the right were inked up with the Clearly Better ink and the left side was the Memento.Not sure if you can see but for the bird on the right, the details show up better and the left looks a little smugde-ier. The Heart of Hearts really show the difference.

Memento ink

Clearly Better ink
 I'm sold! The good news is that the Clearly Better ink pads also come in colors! Guess it goes back to using the right tools makes it come out better and easier.

By the way, that Heart of Hearts stamps are the part of the new collection that came in from G Studio, what a bargain!

Thanks for stopping by again today, and I hope you all have a really Great Weekend!


  1. Thanks for the tip, looks like I will have to get this stamp pad too.. I had the same problems with only certain clear stamps I'm not sure it's because the way it's cut or what but they wouldn't come out clear with the Memento....How interesting....I will check them out on Monday since BF Stores got the 20% sale that day.....

  2. Hey Joy! Wow - I'm definitely getting that stamp pad! Thanks for the heads up!

  3. yes love that ink pad... the impressions for clear stamps are much better than memento... versafine works quite well too... my only downfall with the clearly better, tints my stamps yellowish after clean up... if you can bypass that, it's GREAT! TFS!

  4. Wow Joy, I can clearly see the difference! Does it work with Copics too?

  5. Thank you so much for sharing Joy! I need that stamp pad :)

  6. Wow that's great! TFS! Do you know if it works well with Copics?

  7. Hi Joy:

    I have a few clear stamps and have been reluctant to buy more because they never seem to leave a clean/crisp impression so I was excited by your review. (I'd tried with Memento too without much success . . . )

    So I asked a friend of mine who lives on Oahu to see about getting some Clearly Better stamp pads for me but when she went to the BenFranklin in Pearl City, the stamping "expert" there said that she'd never heard of that brand. When my friend inquired about it with the store manager, she was informed that that brand had been discontinued.

    Is that true or are the folks at the Pearl City store misinformed?


  8. Hi Nermie!

    After I heard about this while I was on my trip, I checked on it and unfortunately, it has been recently discontinued BUT I am working with the buyer to get it back into the stores.Hopefully very soon!


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