Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bloom with what you got planted

So, I keep hearing on the news that there's a shortage of flowers for lei this year. I even saw how they are using plastic crown flowers as spacers to make the lei.Well, let's go back to small kid time...

And make a paper lei! I know you must have a flower shape punch or die lying around. Let's use it to make a fun lei.
Here, I'm using a new punch I just picked up, EK Success Dandelion Burst (cute name!) and an 1/8" hole punch for the center holes so I can string up the flowers.

I used colorful Amercan Crafts cardstock and punched about 6 flowers each in 6 different colors.

Next, I gathered plastic flower beads and crystal clear 6mm facet beads to use as spacers.I decided to just use the nylon filament to string them up so I wouldn't need a needle.

I just strung the beads and flowers up. I did one facet bead, one flower bead, another facet bead and then a paper flower. I repeated this pattern until I had a nice lei length. Tied the two ends together.

It was so easy and it's perfect for the keiki to do! Just make sure you're one of the last to give the lei so yours is on top and won't get crushed!LOL!

Have fun and remember, when life leaves you with scraps of paper, make lei!Thanks for stopping by today and have a great week!


  1. Very cute!!! You can even color coordinate the flowers with the school colors.

  2. Now that is a clever lei! I like how colorful you made it and that you used the plastic beads as spacers.

  3. This flower punch is just too pretty! Bought those flower beads, too. The tiny tots made paper flower lei at the library for Lei Day w/ clear plastic straws between. Had to change to bubble drink straws b/c the straws passed through the holes punched in the flowers. Auwe! Live and learn. Mahalo for sharing.


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