Friday, May 10, 2013

May's First Joy of Crafting Show

May is a month to celebrate! On this first show for May, we help you get ready with some lei making and a great Mother's day idea!

 First, we have Gloria A.from our Pearl City store show us how to make one of the beautiful ribbon lei from our newest Handcrafted Lei and Flowers Book, volume 11!

Gloria shows us how to make the Himawari Musume Lei.
 Next, we have a really special guest for Mother's day. We have Esme Infante-Nii from Moms in Hawaii. While Esme explains what her group does to support and empower Moms, she also puts together a simple and cute flower pot photo holder. (Dads, I know you watch the show! This would easy for you and the kids to make for Mom!)
Then, we cap off the show with more lei making! Cheri Ann L. from Market City Ben Franklin Crafts shows us how to make the 3-straw and 4-straw round leis. Great for those upcoming graduations!
Thank You for stopping by, I know it's been awhile so I thank you for your patience and support! Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day to all of the Moms and Moms-at Heart!
***See my earlier post of why I've been MIA

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