Thursday, July 10, 2014

WeR Envelope Punch Board Mini File Book

"BTW, did I tell you that I LOVE my WeR Envelope Punch Board? What? You love yours, too? Of course you do! It's so cool, I'm making all kinds of stuff!" That's a very normal conversation between papercrafters lately. Then, there's the other conversation...

"Oh, I have one of those! But I haven't used it yet!"...silence. Those of us who have used it are usually in shock. Then, we snap out of it and proceed to help this poor soul get started using this wonderful tool. Especially since they have one sitting at home and it's just begging to break out of the packaging!

So, here's a fun and simple project we did this summer. First , you learn how to make mini file folders, all three third cut styles (left, middle and right tab). Then, you put it together into a fun mini book. Here's a project sheet with step-by-step photos.

Thanks for stopping by today! And please, go and check to see what crafting tool you need to set free! Happy Crafting!


  1. this is cute! i think i'm one of those that haven't made much with this board. it's on my shelf somewhere.

  2. Thanks for showing everyone how to make the file folders using the envelope punch board. As you may have seen in my last two posts I am making use of your instructions. I think I like the punch board more for making the file folders than envelopes...LOL!


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