Sunday, August 16, 2015

August's Second Show

It's time for another new Joy of Crafting Show! We start off the show with a new guest crafter! Joel Kutaka from Celebrations introduces us to their newest teacher!

Shiho Matsuda does some beautiful origami style wrapping and other projects.
On this show, she shows how to make an awesome origami pop up box/card embellished with a handmade flower. Look for future classes with Shiho coming up at Celebrations!

Next, we have our fun friend Kelli Taylor from Tierracast share another bracelet kit. This one uses different techniques like setting rivets.

And then we have Deena Zieglar back to share even more cool new things from Sizzix like Ink Sheets!

Hope you enjoyed your Summer, the days seem to be going by so fast! Hope you can catch this show, Happy Crafting!

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  1. This show was great! I was especially fascinated by the Japanese paper artist. I think I will be shopping soon for some new Terracast tools and Sizzix products.


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