Monday, July 11, 2016

Make It Monday! - Fruity Book Clips

This is the last week for the Hawaii State Public Library's Summer Reading Program. This was our third year participating in the program by going to the libraries and demonstrating hands-on Hardware Science as well as some crafts.

Because this year's them was Health and Fitness, we decided to make Fruity Book Clips! They are super easy to make and are also great for you planner girls!

We had apples or watermelons to make using circle punches. For an apple, punch a 2" red circle and a 1.5" cream colored circle.

Fold both in half. Then, open up the cream colored circle and use a glue stick to add glue.

Place the cream colored half over the red half circle and glue together. Next, take a marker and draw seeds or a face on both sides.

Lastly, take a pop up glue dot and stick it on the end of a jumbo paperclip.

Place the clip inside of the apple and press together. Now, you have a clip to use as a bookmark.

To make the watermelon, punch a 2.5" circle from green and a 2" circle from pink. Follow the same steps as the apple to assemble.

We really enjoy going to the libraries and meeting all of the families. Here is what Hardware Science looks like...

Upside Down Fountain!

Inertia Cup Challenge!
Lining up to do Straw Rockets
Aim for the Fruit!
Thanks for stopping by today and I encourage you to check out the public libraries, there's lots to see and do there!

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