Monday, July 18, 2016

Make It Monday - Getting ready to Celebrate!

Our HouseMart Ace Hardware and Ben Franklin Craft stores will be celebrating our company's 65th Anniversary this Saturday, July 23. So, I thought I'd make some "65" decorations by using the WeR Alphabet Punch Board!

This board can also make numbers besides all the alphabets and a few symbols.

 Most numbers/alphabets just take a 3" x 5" piece of cardstock. Here, I have two 3" x 5" red glitter cardstocks.

The most important thing is that the board comes with a book with step-by-step photos to make all of the alphabets and numbers. Keep it safely with your board so you don't lose it!

First, I 'll make the "5".

The first step is to insert the cardstock into this punch, lining up to the line on the board. Punch.

Next, flip the cardstock over and punch.
Now, place the punched piece in the trimmer section. Remove the cutting blade tool from the board and place the rounded part in the different slots to trim.

Place the blade in the different slots and trim as indicated in the book.

This is how it will look after the first two cuts.

Turn the piece upside down to make the last cut.

Next, turn the piece on its side and trim. Isn't it starting to look like a "5"?

Now, move the piece to the corner rounder punch. Follow the book's instructions and round the right hand middle corner.

Then, round the right hand bottom corner.

Follow the book's instructions to make a "6" with the other cardstock. Now, we're ready to add this to our 65th anniversary decorations!

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you join us this Saturday at all of our stores between 10 am - 12noon for some fun games, make and takes and other activities as we celebrate our 65th Anniversary. Happy Crafting!



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