Friday, April 16, 2010

Art Everywhere!

We always talk about embellishing different surfaces like these ceramic piggy banks.Well, today, I wanted to share some photos of art I've seen in other cities.

You've heard of Cows on Parade, well, here's some Elephants on Parade in Chicago. We were driving around trying to find a bead shoppe, and then I said,"Look, there's an elephant!" Of course, everyone thought I was crazy. Then, I saw another one and another one...

And here's a Bull I grabbed by the horns in Denver.

It's fun to see art in public. I'm sure you're seen the geckos on Oahu and the honu in Hilo.
So, I was thinking, if you could, what would you like to embellish?

Hmm. something to ponder....Thanks for stopping by today and have a Great weekend!

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  1. Howzit Joy! Long time no see! Just wanted to let you know that Kyoko and I are gonna stop by CITC on Monday for your M&T. Can't wait to see what we're making! Hope we don't scare all the customers away with our crazy antics ... see you then! xoxo, Linda


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