Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lots of Mahalos!

I've been very fortunate to get some very cool Thank Yous from some of my blogger friends. I wanted to share some today that should've probably been done much earlier (sorry!)

This is part of a sweet RAK I got from Kris! I, uhhh, ate the really sweet part, very yummy cookies from Maui! Kris gave this to me when I saw her at the Kahului Craft Fair in May. This is her really cute checkbook covers and card cases, you should check out her Krisp Krafts site!

And here's a really cute notepaper holder she made. Isn't it adorable?!Love all the stuff Kris makes!

I also got a cute Thank You card from Cheryl! Really love the colors she used!Thanks a bunch!

And then there's 1LuvnMama!! Look at this awesome holder she made!

And then look what she filled it with!OH MY!She snuck in and left it with my co-workers, so I didn't get to see her , but Big HUGS to you, Mama!

I also got a really pretty card from Karen. It's so pretty that I was showing it to someone and I think I didn't get it back?! I'll post it soon.

My last show and tell is from Enjoli! She's so amazing, I told her that I liked her recipe book and that I thought it would be good for blog addresses, so she made a special one for me!Look, isn't it a cute cover?!

And then she made a special template for the inside pages. Going to start filling in those websites and blog addresses. You know after my two computer crashes, I need a hard copy back-up and this is perfect! Thanks so much, Enjoli!

It's really fun getting to know all of you even if it's just through the blogs. Crafters make really Good Friends!

Tomorrow, I'll be helping with our Ace Hardware's Annual Golf Tournament. The proceeds are donated to the Children's Miracle Network, which Kapiolani Women's and Childrens's center is a part of. I have the fun hole to watch over, we grill the hot dogs and serve up the drinks and snacks. I also have a special job,  I'm in charge of a raffle with a fun game for the golfers.Well, hope I don't get hit by any wayward golf balls!Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you're all enjoying your week!


  1. Wow Joy, you sure scored a lot of neat goodies. They're all so sweet. :-)

  2. such wonderful gifts! have fun at the tournament tomorrow.

  3. Ok, just in case . . . if some yells "FOUR", watch out! The golf ball is headed your way! Have fun grilling those dogs and I know you'll be sneaking some too! hee, hee. Have a good one Joy and glad to see you happy with all your goodies.

  4. These are all WONDERFUL!!! :-)

  5. Wow-wee!! Sweet heavens! you scored big time with all the wonderful goodies! i know you are just enjoying all of it!! Thanks for being a great inspiration to us!! and plenty thanks for yesterday!! ;D


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