Monday, July 18, 2011

Project Sheet now available!

Last December, Cheryl did a project on the Joy of Crafting show. She adapted a tea bag holder for Ghiradelli chocolate squares.

I finally re-watched the show (several times) to figure out the directions. So now, we have an updated version for a project sheet.

The project sheet is available at the stores and also on our website as well. Thanks for being so patient!

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  1. This is such a cute project Joy, and Kiyomi is adorable! I'll be sure to pick up your project sheet at the store! TFS!

  2. Hi Joy~
    Great project! Can you email me the project sheet?

  3. Lol! You did a great job!!! I don't remember if I was supposed to send you the instructions. Super cute with Kiyomi!

  4. What a cute holder! I'll be sure to look for the instruction sheet next time I stop into the store!

  5. Wowzer! Your coloring is AMAZING!!!! Love the project!! Definitely want to make this. Could you please send me the instructions? LMK if you need my email addy. Thanks and have a great day!!

  6. Holy! Luv this Joy! Can you send me the instructions too? :) What a great treat to give someone! Oh, luv the coloring on Kiyomi, so cute!


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