Friday, July 15, 2011

Sending ALOHA with a Make and GIVE

Happy Aloha Friday Everybody! I have some exciting news to share with you...

In April, you all made generous donations to help the people of Japan who had suffered through devastating earthquakes and tsunamis. Your donations have helped to buy much needed food and supplies for the survivors who are still trying to get through day to day.

In August, our company VP/Owner Paul Mizoguchi and our CFO Milton Fujii will be part of a goodwill mission  that will be in and around Sendai passing out these much needed supplies and helping with cleanups and rebuilding.

Along with the supplies, we want to send some encouraging words and basically, let the people of Japan know they are still in our thoughts and prayers.

Our Ben Franklin Crafts stores will be holding Make and Give sessions so that you all can send Cards of Aloha to the people of Sendai, Japan. Join us on Saturdays, July 23 and 30 from 10 am - 1pm. We'll provide the supplies, you provide the creative inspiration! Help us make some cards that Paul and Milton will take to Japan to share Hawaii's Aloha.

If you can't make it to these sessions, but would still like to participate, please feel free to drop off cards at the stores by July 30th. We'll be happy to include them in the Special Delivery to Japan.

Thanks for stopping by today and Have A GREAT WEEKEND!


  1. i'm participating!!! YAY!! Fun, Fun, FUN!!! =D

  2. I hope I can make it there. If not, I'll be sure to drop a card off at the Enchanted Lakes store.
    Thanks for stopping by to visit the annual "Where Bloggers Create" that I participate in. You left such a sweet comment, mahalo Joy.
    And by the way, I'll be sure to check out that site you told me about.
    See you soon, & hugs 'till then.

  3. what a wonderful idea and a sweet gesture to the people of japan! great way to show the aloha spirit. not sure i can stop by on those days though. will try to. thanks for sharing and have a great Sunday! *hugs* steph :)

  4. How fabulous is this--great way to show our Aloha spirit! I'll be sure to drop off a card or two at the PC Ben Franklin store. Thanks for all the great work you guys do Joy!!!


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