Friday, December 2, 2011

Don't Feed the Bear, Feed the People!

Happy Holidays, everybody! Here at Ben Franklin Crafts, we want everyone to have a Happy Holiday so we are collecting food for the Hawaii Food Banks.

From today until Sat., Dec. 17th, everytime you  bring in a canned good or bag of rice, we'll give you an extra entry blank to win a cuddly Teddy Bear!That's right, don't need to feed the bear, he's already really stuffed! Let's help feed the people who are truly in need.

Not sure what kind of food? Well, the top 5 items needed are:
1) Canned Meats and Tuna
2) Canned Meals (like Spaghetti, Chili, Corned Beef Hash)
3) Canned Soup
4) Canned Vegetables
5) Canned Fruit

As you can see, our Teddy Bear is really cute and he's huge! He'll make the perfect gift for someone or a really FUN crafting companion for you. No, he can't count for the carpool lane, sorry!You can enter at any of our 6 Craft stores, there's a bear looking for a home at each store.

Thanks for stopping by today, I know you're all really busy! Stay safe and have a Great weekend!


  1. I love it...i will be trying my luck...and will be donating for sure...

    if i could enter...the name is Stephanie Fuentes..i quite couldn't find the link to enter online...

    thanks again

  2. OMGosh Joy, he's huge and so cute! I'll be sure to drop off some canned goods at the PC BF as this is such a great cause!


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